Special Projects

The Merson Infrastructure team are always keen to take on a challenge outside of our typical remit. Our vast knowledge of materials and focus on innovation complement contracts which require significant design development and complex manufacture. These comprise contracts which are related to signage but are not signage. Some are enabling packages, such as large supporting structures and bases. Others are unusual components needed to complete the signs themselves but beyond any sign manufacturer's capability. Specialised lighting, digital signage elements, glazed components, architectural stainless steel and stonework are typical examples of our extended project management and work scope.

Design capabilities

The majority of our design for Special Projects is completed in-house by our innovative and experienced Technical Design team. Risk is minimised during the Design stage and we consider installation and serviceability when designing bespoke products, particularly those with internal illumination and complex access arrangements.

Our designers use the latest CAD and rendering software to develop bespoke design options which we present to the client and other project stakeholders for approval.

Case studies


We have a large manufacturing facility and so have the space to manufacture and store large signage products in-house. Our design team are on-hand during the manufacture and install phases to ensure any problems can be rectified.

Our in-house installation crews are all capable of working on Special Projects. They receive regular training and certification to enable them to operate access equipment safely. Installations are closely monitored by Contract Managers who are always present on site during shifts, acting as a point of contact for project stakeholders.


Risk management is key to ensuring Special Projects are fully compliant, therefore the project team endeavour to minimise risk from the very beginning. We routinely consult with Structural engineers, material suppliers and manufacturers, planning consultants and local authority planning officers, digital display and technology consultants and lighting designers, all of whom we have established relationships with.

A Design Risk Assessment identifies hazards that can be reduced during the design phase. Our designers work closely with our Technical Procurement team to ensure the most appropriate materials are selected in order to fit with the client brief and the location of the sign. Factors such as wind-loading and Fire Safety are taken into account at the stage. If required, Structural Engineering consultants carry out structural calculations on our designs to ensure that they are suitable for construction.

Risk Assessment and Methods Statements are written for each project, considering factors such as installation methods, access, use of hazardous substances and ensuring the working area is safe for other contractors. They are issued to project stakeholders for approval. The installation phase can then be managed in order to minimise any residual risks. At this stage we would also write Lifting Plans and ensure we have all the required permits, such as those needed for Working at Height.

An ongoing Health and Safety file is completed during the course of a project, amended in the event of design changes and handed over to project stakeholders upon completion.

The Team

  • Dougie Hay Specialist Project Manager
  • Steven McCaw Contract Manager
  • Richard Henderson Senior Project Manager
  • Simon McConnell Commercial Manager