Merson Infrastructure

Established for over 20 years, Merson is a UK market leader in the production of specialist products and signage for the Infrastructure sector. We have in-house capacity to design, manufacture and install a wide variety of sign types. Our strengths are designing bespoke products & signage as well as efficient management of complex projects, both key features of work in this sector.

Design capabilities

Infrastructure signage design is at the core of every project and Merson have in-house capability to carry out all of the design work required for a successful infrastructure signage project.

Initial signage masterplanning is the focus of our signage design consultancy team. This involves the analysis of the environment and passenger flows within it, followed by the application of proven wayfinding principles to develop a bespoke signage schedule, using dual languages and pictograms if necessary to ensure that the signage provides optimum support to the environment and those within it.

Our dedicated team of Wayfinding signage designers can be introduced at the beginning of a project to develop the sign schedules, before engaging our Technical Designers to bring the signage to life using the latest CAD design programmes. We are also able to render our designs to give a more realistic impression of how our products will look once they have been installed.

Our Technical Designers are able to work alongside engineers, stakeholders etc. to develop bespoke signage solutions for complex environments. This Design Development stage involves constant communication with project stakeholders to ensure our designs and material selections are compliant with all required standards. Value-engineering is also a key aspect of the Design stage and we aim to reduce costs for our clients where possible.


Case studies

Here is a selection of completed rail projects, showing the wide range of our capabilities within this sector. Click on the images to find out more and download a case study.


Merson have been manufacturing and installing Infrastructure signage for over a decade and our dedicated team are all highly experienced in their field. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the materials and design specifications of all UK Airports and Train Operating Companies and have tailored our manufacturing methods to suit them.

MAll installation crews working on Merson Infrastructure projects are from our dedicated in-house resource - none of the installation work is sub-contracted. Crews are located throughout the UK and available at short notice if necessary. Bespoke reporting systems are put in place for each project so that stakeholders are kept informed of progress on site at all times.


Compliance is a key feature of Infrastructure Project Management practices, where material specifications and on-site safety & security are crucial.

We have tailored strategies for managing compliance for each sector: Rail, Airports, Events and Special Projects. During the Design stage, an understanding of the client's brief is crucial, alongside with any existing design standards and material specifications that need to be followed. We design signage with the finished product in mind, addressing the key interfaces and thus reducing risk during installation. Our Technical Designers will consult the fabrication drawings from other contractors on site to consider critical interfaces, ensuring that our products will work in their allocated space and that the optimum fixing methods are chosen.

Infrastructure signage is manufactured to Merson's consistently high standards, using materials sourced from suppliers that have been approved through our comprehensive pre-qualification process. All suppliers are accredited with ISO 9001 and 14001 and their performance is monitored by our Technical Procurement team. Our products conform with all Government regulations for Infrastructure products, such as IP ratings and ASIAD protection. Our Project Managers are well-informed and proficient at producing all contract deliverables, such as Material Approval documents, Inspection and Test Plans and Health & Safety Files.

Bespoke Risk Assessments and Methods Statements are written for each Infrastructure project alongside our Safe Systems of Work. These relate to working at height; manual handling; working with hazardous substances and the maintenance of the portable electronic equipment carried by our crews. These are approved by project stakeholders and communicated to other contractors on site so that our installation can be scheduled accordingly.

Installation is carried out by dedicated Infrastructure crews that have all of the certification and permits necessary for working in such locations. They are permitted to work trackside and airside and are well-versed in the requirements of working in such areas where safety and security are vital.

The Team

  • Cameron Still General Manager
  • Simon McConnell Commercial Manager
  • Mick Hennessy Installation Manager
  • Richard Henderson Senior Project Manager
  • Steven McCaw Contract Manager
  • Dougie Hay Specialist Project Manager

Rail Project Management

  • Gino Celotto Project Manager

Airport Project Management

  • Tom Clisby Senior Project Manager