Airport Signage

World class airport signage from the experts

Design capabilities

Signage masterplanning is the first stage of many Airport signage projects. This involves the analysis of the environment and passenger flows within it, followed by the application of proven wayfinding principles to develop a bespoke signage schedule, using dual languages and pictograms if necessary to ensure that the signage provides optimum support to the environment and those within it.

These designs are then advanced by our Technical Design team, who use the latest CAD design software to develop production-ready drawings and rendered images for client approval.

Case studies


We are able to manufacture all types of airport signage in-house and are conversant with all airport design standards and Government regulations.

Our dedicated Airport crews all have permits for all UK airports that enable them to work airside and landside. We have established relationships with local Traffic Management providers who assist with the installation of traffic and car park signage. Our Airport crews also have regular Fire Safety training and certification.


Compliance is crucial when working in a high-security airport environment, particularly when installing signage in airside locations. All of our airport operatives have GSAT certification and so are compliant with airside security practices.

All of our airport signage is ASIAD compliant and therefore resistant to bomb-blasts and physical attack. Our signage is also IP65 rated and so electrical components are highly protected from water and dust ingress.

All of the signage manufactured for Heathrow Express meets the requirements of Section 12 Fire Precautions (Sub-Surface Railway Stations) Regulations 2009, therefore suitable for sub-surface installation.

The Team

  • Clay Nicholson Wayfinding Planner
  • Mick Hennessy Installation Manager
  • Tom Clisby Senior Project Manager
  • Cameron Still General Manager